The details matter! It’s those unique little items that make a photo shoot or an occasion special. Check out our catalogue and pick some of our treasures to make your event shine.

Prices are for a 24 hour rental. Special package rates for 3 day rentals for weddings. Inquire for more information.

Name Image Price
Ladder - Brown 3 Step Ladder - Brown 3 Step $15.00
Fishing Creel Fishing Creel $25.00
Medalta Jug Medalta Jug $5.00
Brown Glass Jug Brown Glass Jug $3.00
Small Round Tin Tub Small Round Tin Tub $10.00
Round Tin Pan Round Tin Pan $5.00
Wooden Spool Wooden Spool $15.00
Rose Screen Rose Screen $30.00
Country Rustic Easel Country Rustic Easel $20.00
Wooden Ironing Board Wooden Ironing Board $15.00
Tin Bath Tub Tin Bath Tub $20.00
Moss Watering Can Moss Watering Can $3.00
Carrot Prop Carrot Prop $2.00
Easter Bunny Easter Bunny $10.00
Wringer Washing Machine Wringer Washing Machine $35.00
Black Chalk Board Black Chalk Board $25.00
Old Doors Backdrop Old Doors Backdrop $80.00
Ladder - Light Wood Ladder - Light Wood $35.00
Ladder - Dark Wood Ladder - Dark Wood $35.00
Skates Skates $3.00
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