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My First Blog Post!

Welcome to my first ever blog post! I’m a little nervous as it’s been eons since I’ve put my thoughts on paper! (Full disclosure……I was an avid writer of poetry in my teen years!) Yikes! All that angst! I want my blog to be about the things I love and all the imaginative, magical projects I get to work on.

Please feel free to comment and encourage.


“Beautiful things make people happy.”

~Eva Zeisel~

And I would add that old or vintage, beautifully worn things make me happy. I have always loved items with a story, objects that look like they have been worn down a little over time by the sheer ordinary wear that comes from using something we love every day. The little knicks and scratches on an item that mean someone played with, cooked with, sat on or worked with it, that’s what makes it interesting to me. I love how certain things will always make someone pause and then smile and then they say…”Oh… I remember these, my grandma (or my grandpa, mom or auntie) had one of them!” It’s that quick heartfelt memory that gives me a jolt every time.


I started Farm House Vintage as a prop rental place to put my treasured items back to work. They aren’t slowly fading away in a shed somewhere. I love to see how the wonderful old pieces fit into modern life and somehow add a richness that cannot be duplicated. I love that they will be useful once again and that they will be present in people’s photos. They, like the memories they provoke, will live on in people’s minds and in the pictures they pass down to their children.


I have so many ideas and styles that I love, from old Victorian, to the cool sixties, country rustic and especially romantic glam. I love the dark and mysterious, the haunting and creepy too! So many avenues to explore! Please follow along with me on my adventures; I will be thrilled to have you.

~ Sherrill Young